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Whether you are a business owner, content creator, influencer, celebrity, agency, consultant, or accounting firm owner, with our dedicated support and partner program, we can grow together.

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Why choose HA as your Partner?

Assist Businesses

Uplift a business by reducing the burden on compliance costs. When you refer a business to us, we support them with discounts and rewards.  Partner with HA to help each other and grow together.

Help Yourself

When you refer someone to HA, you will be entitled to either choose a discount, earn a commission, or avail of free services based on your preference.

Grow together with HA

A brand new way to create a passive source of income is what defines our partner program. We continuously present offers & motivate our partners giving you a chance to grow with us.

Affiliate partner HA

Affiliate Partner

 This program works best with content creators, influencers, celebrities, consultants, or agencies.

 Assure HA would be a great match for your followers and clients.

 Discover new growth opportunities and boost value creation when you partner with HA.

 Earn commission for every follower/client you refer to HA. The best part is, they too get a Discount.

Request a free consultation with the HA team to know how the partner program works. Once you are on the ship, we’ll set you up with everything you need.


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Refer a friend

Refer a Friend

If you are taking business from us, that means you are already connected with a Client Relation Manager.

You’ll get a commission/discount if you refer your friends to HA. Your referrals also get a discount when taking business from us.

You can do this by sharing your referral link from the “Refer a Friend” section of our Mobile/ Desktop Application. Alternatively, you can contact your Client Relation Manager for the manual processing of referral requests.

You can credit the amount to your wallet and use it for further use from us. Share your link to as many friends as you would like & collect as much credit as possible.

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Corporate Partner

Corporate Partnership

 Corporate partnership works best with all sizes of companies with a suitable employee count.

 Assure HA would be a great match for your employees.

 Best part is, they too get a Discount when they avail services using our Mobile/ Desktop Application

 Access to Proprietary Partner Portal which can be used to push work securely.

 With HA TAX as your partner, you can stay worry-free of any staffing problems that might riseup. HA Tax will be your go to staffing solution for all your needs.

Request a free consultation with the HA TAX team to gain insights on how Corporate partner works. Once you are on board, HA TAX will set you up with everything you need.

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Professional Partnership

This partnership program best fits Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, bookkeepers, and those looking for outsourcing services. We have two models in this program.

We communicate with your Client

We directly work with your clients to complete their needs on time. You can set the billing preferences. We will send invoices to your firm or your clients directly pay us. Your clients get a Dedicated CA, Client Relationship Manager, and discounts too. We will handle all the communication so you can stay unworried and simply receive your commissions on time.

You communicate with your Client

You can handle your client relations and communications, we handle your workload. You’ll get plenty of time to grow your business by solely outsourcing your work to HA.HA gives you a team of Charted Accountants, Professional Accountants to scale up your business and maintain the alliance with you. Let’s think bigger, grow bigger, it’s a win-win situation.

Ready to form a long-term partnership with HA?