Cookie Policy

Like many online service providers, HITAKSH LLP (,, and all related subdomains & subdirectories, mobile & web-based HA TAX app, hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘platform’) utilizes “cookies” to facilitate our provision of services. This cookie policy provides information about how and when we use cookies and other similar tracking technologies on our platform to better provide service to our users. To better understand how we use the data collected through these cookies, please read our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is passed on by a web server and stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit certain websites. Generally, cookies are used to make your browsing experience personalized by allowing a website to remember your actions and preferences. Cookies also provide information on how people may make use of a website (for instance, whether it’s their first visit or if they are a returning visitor).

What cookies do we use and why?

We use a number of different cookies to provide the smoothest user experience possible with our Services, to monitor usage and performance, to tailor and improve your visiting experience, and to facilitate our marketing, social, and advertising activities.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

We use a small number of cookies that are necessary to allow you to use our platform. The use of these cookies is essential for our platform to work as expected. These cookies are core for the functioning of our platform and are not allowed to be turned off.

Additional Cookies

We use third-party tools to help improve our website and to remember the choices you have made, some of which may use cookies or other similar technologies in order to function. We use several tools to enable us to tweak our platform and the overall user experience for our users and visitors. To that end, we use reporting and analytics cookies to collect information regarding how you use our website, and how often you use it. We use Google Analytics and other third-party analytics providers to help measure how users interact with our website content and where our users are engaged, what are the most liked product features, and much more.

Advertising Cookies

We use a variety of tools and technologies to help us with our marketing efforts, some of which may use cookies or similar technology. Marketing and advertising cookies are used on our website to personalize marketing to your interests. This enables us to provide you with more personalized service in the future. These cookies remember that you visited our website and we may use this information for confirmation with third parties, such as advertisers. Although these cookies can track your device’s visits to our platform, they typically do not have the ability to personally identify you.

Social and Content Cookies

Social and Content cookies are placed by social media plugins (for example, social media login buttons like Facebook, Google, Linked In, etc), and these tools’ purpose is to provide or improve the content on a website. We integrate some of these cookies into our platform to improve the experience of browsing and interacting with our content. Some of the third-party services may place these cookies in order to map out things like behavioral advertising, analytics, or market research.

How to control, remove or prevent cookies

Most of the modern web browsers grant you the ability to manage cookies that suit your preferences. Some browsers provide the flexibility of choosing cookie preferences on a site-by-site basis giving the users more control over privacy. This enables you to disallow cookies from all sites except those that you use and trust. To customize your cookie management preferences for your browser, please consult the documentation that your browser manufacturer provides.

Please keep in mind that removing or blocking or otherwise limiting cookies can adversely impact your user experience rendering our platform inaccessible or dysfunctional.