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What is Payroll?

Payroll is basically the total amount of money an employer pays to his employees or in simple terms it can be defined as is summary of the entire money paid to the employees of the company in a specific period of time. It is a document that determines companies’ remuneration plans.

Payroll Management System

An efficient company accounting & financial management system timely pays to its staff, keeps clean & clear records of deductions, bonuses, and another important financial payroll database. As payroll management is a repetitive process that sometimes is displeasing. Most of the companies spend a huge amount of money & resources in managing the payroll process as it requires a lot of statutory compliances to meet up.

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HA, is the finest payroll accounting process firm with promising & dedicated experts with the aim to empower our client’s business. Our team continuously keep track of our client’s payroll management services, ensuring error-free result.

Harvard Business School research states outsourcing is one of the best strategies to opt for in business. There is no doubt about it. But outsourcing to the best firm like HA will give you leverage.


Our HA Tax experts have headed and handled some of the extremely significant & critical tasks during their work experience. With an extremely competitive nature, our team is here to provide the finest and top-notch service to our clients. Considering us your payroll service provider we do a lot more than you think and pro-actively take steps whenever needed.

With a gamut of a Payroll management system, we ensure our client’s onboarding to our online platform is carried out smoothly, productivity is improved, high standards are maintained, and consistent error-free outstanding quality of service is provided.

HA TAX Payroll Services

Human resources management Guidance

Pension and Gratuity deductions management service

Attendance & Leave Management service

Multi-Industry Payroll outsourcing services

Solution for Staffing compliances, Recruitment & Training

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing to HA TAX

-Design personalized client-specific service
-Reduce resource overheads
-Affordable pricing
-Women Start-up boaster service
-Dedicated Grievance redressal support

Meet up all Payroll compliances (Minimum Wages Act 1948, Employee’s State Insurance Act 1948, Employee Provident Fund Organisation 1952, Payment of the Gratuity Act 1972)

Just demand it, we will provide service for you

HA uses top-notch and most used software like ADP, QuickBooks, ZOHO Books, Xero, Tally, Sage, Gusto and others for payroll as well as accounting & financial service

Ready to Start Payroll Services

Payroll journal entries and payroll system management are difficult, not straightforward processes. However, with HA’s service, our clients won’t feel the burden of managing their business payroll management.