TAN Card

TAN card is basically, Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number is allotted by Income Tax Department of India is allotted to individuals/ company/ organisation to streamline the TDS process. All the TDS collected by individual/company/ organisation is recorded in TAN which helps government in keeping up with record. In the year 1961 Income Tax department under Section 203A has made mandatory for people collecting TDS and is penalized by government

How to apply for TAN?

TAN application process is very simple. One can opt for online or offline filing procedure. Form 49B is the only form that has to be submitted. Via online process one can download form 49B, fill the application form. One can easily check TAN application status on the government designated website.

Our HA TAX expert team will guide you through out the TAN application process

how to apply TAN
TAN card registration

Why is TAN Required?

Ease of employer in managing taxation

Every employer has an authentic login area for maintaining tax compliances

Communication with the Government Tax authority is easy.

For employee, it will also be easy to manage their tax and trust their employer

How HA guides you in TAN Registration Process

From the insights provided by our HA TAX expert team, we understand that managing TAN and other Financial & accounting process is difficult so to create an easy path. HA TAX is here to guide you and carry out all the required work related to your TAN application process and the entire task.
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