Digital Signature

Digital Signature is created with a mathematical algorithm that has two parts that are Public Key & Private Key. If these two of them match then it proves originality, & authenticity just like a normal signature.

 Just like in the old system when signatures hold importance and are considered a valid document. Signature holds importance till now, but with digitalization, the signature has also taken a digital format.

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Difference between Digital & Electronic Signatures

Both types help in signature convenience & speed. Electronic signatures are fast simple and accepted for almost all types of agreements, one has to click then sign, and it’s all. Whereas Digital signature increases the signer identity and is more secured as its encrypted which is highly industries & region. They full-fills the broadest range of legal requirements as it meets the highest level of security and compliance.


Advantages of DSC

Easy, Authentic & Realisable

Incorporation of company, LLP, Income tax filing is valid via using this signature

GST application can be verified using a DSC

It acts as a Trust Service Provider validation globally

Different Classes of Digital signature

As DSC is secure and widely accepted, for convenience it has been differenced into 3 classes. The classes are-

Class 1: Not used by any legal authority

Class 2: Applicable for E-filling of documents such as filing up of tax.

Class 3: Provides the highest level of security and authenticity. It is used for e-auctions, e-tendering, court filings, and other environments.

Consider Class 3 as the highest level of digital signature.

As the usability of DSC is strong & high, it is accepted at Government, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, and even in buying Cryptocurrencies.

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How HA TAX helps

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